The Psychology Behind Packaging Colors

Your packaging is important because it’s one of the first interactions that your customers have with your brand. It should be well thought out from the style of the box right down to the color, and every detail can impact the consumer experience. Color can trigger different thoughts, feelings, and emotions in people, directly impacting their purchasing decision.

Believe it or not, most consumers purchase products based on color. If you’re thinking of rebranding, start by choosing a color palette that suits your brand, products and helps you build an identity!

Are you having trouble deciding? Allow us to help! Here are some colors that have the strongest impact in marketing:


White Packaging

White is often used in packaging because it resembles simplicity, elegance, and purity. As a rule of

Product Packaging

thumb, you should always keep the number of colors you use for your packaging to a minimum. When you start adding different colors to your packaging, the less serious your brand and product become

s to people. Typically, a simple combination of two or three colors will look great, especially when your primary color is white.

Apple and Dove are great examples of successful companies that use white packaging.

Black Packaging

Black is the perfect packaging color to use if you’re trying to represent strength, authority, and luxury. You can often find high-end designers and brands using black for their packaging for these reasons. Like white packaging, black can also be paired with other colors, but choose carefully which colors you use. Gold and silver are both popular and safe colors to pair with black packaging.

Red Packaging

Red has a lot of meanings and can change depending on the shade that is being used. Lighter shades of red, such as the color used for Coca-Cola, is often linked to feelings of excitement and high energy. Using red in your packaging is one of the easiest ways to draw attention to your product.

Blue Packaging

When we look at blue items, we feel more relaxed and calmer. Blue is a great color to use in your packaging because it helps consumers trust your product, and it represents strength, honesty, and serenity. When in doubt, blue packaging is one of the safest colors to use.

Choosing a Color for Your Business

Remember, any color you choose for your packaging can have an impact on your consumer. If you’re ready to get started on your custom packaging, contact Paramount Container & Supply Company today!

Plus, don’t forget to check out our current selection of available color options. 

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