Benefits of Using Polyethylene Foam in Packaging

Often, the shipping process can face some unexpected rough conditions for your products, especially if the package is going through an extensive transferring process. The last thing you want is to lose or damage your product during shipping. To ensure that your product is the safest that it can be while in delivery, you need to be sure that your packaging is sufficient. Using a high-quality foam, like polyethylene packaging, can help keep your products protected from any unexpected turbulence while in transit. There are plenty of benefits to using polyethylene foam inserts in your packaging, let’s look at some of the reasons why!

It Serves as a Protective Measure

If you’re shipping more fragile items, then they need protective packaging to prevent any scratches, chips, or breakage. There are many factors your package can face while in transit that makes it easy for damage to occur. Polyethylene is made up of tiny air bubbles that gives the foam good cushioning properties and protects the package from any unexpected moisture!

If a package is dropped or struck, then a foam insert can help lessen the impact of the fall. When packaged correctly, polyethylene foam can prevent the product from breaking. Protective foam packaging can also keep your product in place and secure from vibrations caused by motors and engines.


The heavier your package is, the more you end up paying in shipping. In general, foam is a lightweight material, so it doesn’t add any unnecessary shipping costs. Therefore, you’ll feel more comfortable adding a protective layer to your packaging. Polyethylene is lightweight, soft and a reliable material to use for protection and cushioning.


Polyethylene foam can be cut into various shapes and sizes to provide the perfect amount of extra cushioning while transporting materials. It can be cut and customized into different sizes to fit your needs best! Plus, if you’re carrying electronics, using polyethylene foam can help protect the product from any damage, shocks, and static electricity.


Adding a well-fitting foam insert to your package will ensure that everything in your package remains safe and sound during its transition. Paramount Containers & Supply Inc in California near Los Angeles offers high-quality foam materials, including polyethylene, that will comfort your product appropriately. Call us at 714-257-1445 today to see what inserts will work best for your packages!

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