3 Ways That Will Help You Change the Game in Packaging for 2021

The first few moments that a potential customer encounters your product is crucial. A product with great packaging will increase the likelihood of developing brand loyalty and will get people talking about your company or products. 

On the other hand, faulty packaging can have the opposite effect and discourage others from repurchasing your brand. 

If you’re ready to change up your product packaging in 2021, here are some positive ways you can change it: 

Be Creative with the Outside of Your Packaging

One of the best ways to grab a potential customer’s attention is by adding a unique design to the outside of your packaging. If customers get excited when they find out that their package is waiting for them on their doorstep, imagine how much more excited they will be coming home to a decorative package waiting for them. Add illustrations, designs, or even hand-written notes to the outside of your package. 

Remember, the goal of your packaging is to create a connection with your consumers! 

Personalized Packaging

One of the best successful examples of personalized packaging is Coca-Cola’s famous “Share a Coke” campaign. The messaging behind this campaign was simple and heartfelt, “spend time with those you care about.” 

When businesses focus on adding a personalized touch to their packaging, it will help excite potential consumers and draw them into purchasing your product over others. 

Focus on Transparency 

If your product is a healthy option, good for the environment, etc., you should make sure that your packaging clearly states that. If your product is any of these things, it will help draw in more consumers. It can also increase brand loyalty because your packaging shows that you are honest and reliable. 

If you know that your brand differs from the rest, make sure your packaging conveys that. 

Custom Packaging in CA

There is no better time to switch up your packaging then the new year. At Paramount Container & Supply Company, our group of experienced packaging professionals is trained in creating basic corrugated boxes and chipboard folding cartons to create the perfect custom packaging for you! 

Contact us online to learn more about our high-quality custom packaging. 

Paramount Container & Supply


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