The Benefits of Digital Printing

If you’re selling a product for a small business nowadays, shipping is likely a major aspect of your job – ordering products online to ship to your home has never been more popular.

When the customer receives the package, you want them to be wowed by the appearance of the box before they even open it up. If you’re looking for an impressive design at a reasonable cost, consider digital printing. Here are some of the benefits of digital compared to more traditional printing processes:

It Looks Better

In the digital printing process, an image can be printed directly onto your box without the use of aluminum plates or any other analog technique. The mostly automated process cuts down on the potential for human error. Additionally, this process allows for the most accurate colors, assuring your design is exactly how you want it and creating the opportunity to add as much detail as you desire.

It’s Faster and Cheaper

Digital printing is cheaper, partially due to the lack of set up needed. There are no plates, no die cutting, and the cost of labor is reduced. Cutting down on the amount of pre-print work needed also ensures that the process moves more quickly. This is important for any small business in an environment where getting products to customers fast is key.

It Offers Flexibility

Digital printing makes it far easier to manage different packaging styles. The lower overhead costs and shorter pre-print process, among other factors, make it simpler to print your design onto boxes of all different sizes.

This style of printing also makes it easier for small businesses to function by making small batches more financially viable. The lower overhead and set up costs again come in handy, making a small printing match more affordable. This can also come in handy if you want to print a small batch of boxes just to see how your design is working.

If you’re a smaller business owner looking to make the leap to digitally-printed boxes, Paramount Container and Supply can be of service. If you work with us, you’ll be able to view and hold your box to ensure quality before the entire batch is printed. Call 714-257-1445 to learn more about our services.

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