How to Improve the Unboxing Experience for Your Customers

As a brand, you should treat the delivery of your product as something to celebrate! Since you spend time creating reputable products for your customers, you should also be executing that same effort into the delivery process. If you want to build brand loyalty with your customers, consider following these steps in the packaging process!


Make Unboxing Easy

In order to help create a positive unboxing experience, an important step is to include a package that the customer can easily open. That way, the box is easy to reuse and dispose of when they’re finished with the package. Once you have the basic structure of your box, you can start getting more creative on your package presentation!


Choose the Correct Package Size

One of the simplest ways to gain satisfaction from your customers is by choosing the appropriate packaging size for your product. No one wants their smaller purchases packaged in a box that’s too large for the product, or vice versa. Putting the extra effort into the packaging shows the customer that you care about their business.


When you’re shipping fragile or heavier products, consider using a corrugated container to help support your product. If you are unsure of the correct size packaging you should be using, consider creating a prototype of your package before you send it out! At Paramount Container & Supply Inc., we have three in-house designers that can help create a prototype for you.


Customize Your Packaging

To make your box stand out from your competition, try adding a personalized design or logo to the outside of the box. This feature not only sets you apart from others, but it will create a feeling of excitement when the package is delivered at your customers door!


You can also add more personal touches to the inside of the box for when your customer opens their package. Some examples include anything from a free sample to a personalized thank you note. Adding a thoughtful extra touch will help create a positive experience for the customer!


When you’re ready to create custom packaging that will stand out from others, find the right experienced company to work with. At Paramount Container & Supply Inc., we’ll help turn your designs into the perfect custom packages! Give us a call at 714-257-1445 today to learn more!

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