4 Common Packing Mistakes That Businesses Make

When you’re shipping off a product, your packaging plays an important role. Besides keeping your items safe and in place, your packaging is also used to help attract your customers and build brand loyalty.

Now that many businesses are growing dependency on e-commerce and online sales, they will need to package their items for delivery instead of selling right in the store. Now more than ever, it’s important to have quality packaging. 

Because we want you to make the best first impression on your consumers, let’s take a look at some of the packaging mistakes that businesses make when it comes to packaging their products: 

They Use Low-Quality Packaging Materials

To have impressive packaging, you need the right, high-quality materials. Often, businesses skimp out on packaging as a way to save money, but we can’t stress enough how important quality packaging can impact your business. 

Not all packaging is the same. Some are more likely to crush when under pressure, and others may be weaker. You should look for high-quality packaging in items such as your tape, foam rollers, and mailers. Remember, no one wants to receive a package that is broken or beat-up. 

Failure to Brand Your Packaging 

Custom packaging for your business is always a good idea, especially if you invest in high-quality packaging. Branding your packaging will help your customers remember your brand, and if they like your product, they can post pictures of your packaging online. 

Not Providing the Right Protection for Your Products 

Another mistake businesses commonly make the failure to remember to provide the right internal packaging for your products. Even if you purchase high-quality cardboard to hold your product, that doesn’t protect your product from the bumps and other commotion it will face during delivery. 

Whether you’re shipping a large or small package, you will need to add extra padding regardless of the size. 

Buying Packaging from Different Companies 

Don’t buy your packaging supplies from different companies. Save yourself the extra time and effort, and work with Paramount Container & Supply Inc. for your custom box and packaging. If you need reliable custom packaging, browse our products, and contact us today with any questions! 

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