3 Reasons to Choose Corrugated Boxes Over Chipboard

When it comes to packaging and displays, you want the most customizable and protective product available. There are many options on the market, but chipboard and corrugated boxes are two of the most prominent choices. While chipboard has some advantages, it’s usually not durable enough for shipping items through the mail. Instead, most shippers choose to use corrugated boxes.

Here are three reasons why corrugated boxes are a more cost-effective and efficient way to ensure goods arrive at their destination safely.


A corrugated board is a multi-layered material created from three layers of an extremely thick type of brown chipboard. The two outer layers are thick pieces called liner boards that form the main body of the box. The middle layer is a thinner, fluted piece of reinforced paper that creates air pockets. These air pockets built into a corrugated board give excellent resistance to rough handling and tough impact. That is why corrugated boxes are a far superior choice when it comes to wholesale packing and shipping.


Another reason to choose corrugated board is for the versatility. They are much thicker than traditional chipboard boxes and come in many different shapes and graphics. They can also be designed to fit your needs, with most container and supply companies being able to offer a variety of custom corrugated box styles for whatever your business requires.


Corrugated boxes are some of the least expensive cartons on the market. Due to the material’s lightweight qualities and the low cost of labor and tools needed to manufacture and fill the boxes, shipping costs are low. Corrugated boxes can also be recycled and reused if needed.

Corrugated boxes can protect any item that needs to be shipped, and regular chipboard cannot say the same. The durability of the corrugated board makes it great for shipping heavy-weight items and retail displays. The customizable nature of the material allows many styles of corrugated boxes to be produced.

As a business owner, you need to take great care and concern about handling and representing your products. The decision of using corrugated boxes is a great start.

When you’re ready to add corrugated boxes for your business, we invite you to call on our experienced team at Paramount Container & Supply Inc. We are available at (714) 257-1445 whenever you need us!

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Reasons to Choose Corrugated Boxes
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