The Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes

The Benefits of Using Corrugated Boxes

The word corrugated refers to a material, surface or structure that’s shaped into alternate ridges and grooves. One of the main things associated with the word corrugated is boxes.

What are the benefits of using corrugated boxes?

First, they’ll protect stuff you want to store and/or ship somewhere. They’re conveniently designed to be strong-yet-lightweight. Many people who move from one house to another utilize corrugated boxes to help move their stuff. Also, many businesses rely on these type of boxes to send out orders to customers who expect the items to arrive exactly as ordered– not broken.

Did you know corrugated boxes are made with a “fluting” design, which looks and acts like a protective liner between two sheets of paper? Fluting design helps protect items from impact while also deterring the accumulation of moisture. Coatings are often applied in order to make the boxes flame, water and shock resistant.

Next, corrugated boxes are flexible. From small to big sizes, these boxes can be single, double or triple-walled depending on how much protection you want for your items. As a packaging option, corrugated boxes are popular because they’re flexible.

Another good reason to choose and use corrugated boxes is that they’re recyclable. Often made from recycled materials, these environmentally-friendly boxes can essentially be used over and over again.

As for cost, one of the main reasons corrugated boxes are so popular among many industries is that they’re cost-effective ways to ship materials. Indeed, they’re among the least expensive shipping options on the market today. Also, most packaging operations are setup to efficiently deal with these type of boxes, so the whole process of boxing, taping and shipping items becomes streamlined.

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